Nuvista Protects Your Program, Pre-Show to Post-Show

Event Logistics

 Pre-Event Planning

  • Prior to your event, live or hybrid, your Nuvista team will meet with you to review your goals and objectives and determine what type, if any, third party suppliers to include in our solution. Most importantly, we review your budget, and when necessary, we value engineer the project to ensure that we understand your resource allocation.
  •  Provide detailed service estimates
  • Determine your audiovisual requirements
  •  Collaborate with electricians, general contractors, supervisors, labor suppliers, and clients in on-going conversations
  •  Coordinate shipments to the event site, providing tracking information and inventory for verification of receipt
  •  Arrange and prepay outbound and inbound transportation, graphics charges, equipment rental, and all show service orders

Event Supervision

  • Conduct a complete project review in detail with the supervisor
  • Confirm receipt of all forms and other arrangements with individual third-party vendors
  • Supervise event logistics, manage budgets, and ensure the event is ready to launch at a minimum of two hours before the scheduled opening.

Post-Event Services  

  • Attend recap meetings and share feedback
  • Prepare reports of literature/collateral/premium items distributed or returned
  • Compile project reports  detailing the success of the event and reporting any items that need attention
  • Audit third-party invoices for accuracy, particularly material handling invoices where the error rate is greater than 25%
  • Reconcile actual costs against budgeted costs and prepare a single, audited final invoice
  • Keep the entire team, internal and external, up-to-date on technology, trends, cost drivers, and innovations for future shows


Experience the Nuvista Difference

Professional, experienced logistics solutions, budget development, partner sourcing, on-site supervision, and invoice reconciliation: Nuvista does it all.


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Our Work

Nuvista excels in providing complete turnkey services and logistics solutions for both consumer and business-to-business events as well as for private events and brand activations. Because we also offer audio visual equipment rental, coordinating live event services with those required to produce hybrid events ensures our customers that Nuvista is the optimal partner as the events industry evolves

Nuvista: Leader in Logistics Solutions

Don’t trust your event logistics to any but the best: Nuvista. Nuvista is your partner in ensuring success.

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