Nuvista Protects Your Program, Pre-Show to Post-Show

Trade Show Labor

Pre-Show Program Planning

  • Maintain a complete inventory of exhibit properties, graphics, and other components
  • Develop timelines and project budgets–as much as possible, well in advance of show date
  • Nurture vendor relationships for specialized services
  • Confirm space size, booth number, and areas of concern (e.g., pillars, height restriction, etc.)
  • Attend planning meetings
  • Identify opportunities for increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing value
  • Ensure compliance with show regulations: submit drawings, elevations and floor plans and request variances when needed
  • Submit EAC (exhibitor appointed contractor) forms and provide proof of liability insurance for Nuvista and all subcontractors
  • Provide detailed service estimates
  • Collaborate with electricians, general contractors, supervisors, labor suppliers and client in an on-going conversation
  • Coordinate shipments of all literature and collateral to show site, providing tracking information and inventory for verification of receipt
  • Arrange and prepay outbound and inbound transportation, graphics charges, equipment rental, and all show service orders

Show Site Supervision

  • Conduct complete pre-show project review in detail with supervisor
  • Confirm receipt of all show forms and other arrangements with individual third-party vendors
  • Produce and distribute setup drawings
  • Collate packing lists & bills of lading – send copies to appropriate parties
  • Supervise installation and dismantle to established budget and ensure booth is show-ready at a minimum of two hours before the show opens
  • Host client walk-throughs and conduct pre-show briefing

Post-Show Services

  • Attend post-show recap meetings and share feedback
  • Prepare report of literature/collateral/premium items distributed or returned
  • Compile post-show project reports to detailing the success of each event and reporting any items that need attention
  • Audit third-party invoices for accuracy, particularly material handling invoices where the error rate is greater than 25%
  • Reconcile actual costs against budgeted costs and prepare a single, audited final invoice
  • Keep the entire team, internal and external, up-to-date on technology, trends, cost drivers, and innovations for future shows


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Professional, experienced installation and dismantle, budget development, partner sourcing, on-site supervision and invoice reconciliation, Nuvista does it all.


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Nuvista excels in providing unparalleled trade show labor and complete turnkey services for both consumer and business-to-business events. Our on-site supervision lets you focus on strategy rather than logistics.

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