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Installation and dismantle is an important supplier segment in the face-to-face industry. Although other countries can also boast large centers for fairs and expos, the installation and dismantle labor industry as we know it is distinctly American.

Entering this highly competitive field, Amanda Helgemoe was motivated to create a new type of company and new opportunities that were a direct result of the inefficiencies she observed.

Nuvista’s Industry Leadership

Nuvista recognizes that face-to-face marketing will continue to be an important (and large) part of corporate budgets. However, in the ongoing demand for transparency, installation and dismantle service providers need to have strategic involvement at every stage of the event, not simply show up on site. Nuvista’s ongoing advocacy for transparency is an important part of its brand promise, and transparency has always been a key factor in Amanda’s vision.

Installation and Dismantle in the U.S.

The installation and dismantle industry in the U.S. is tied to unions. With training programs throughout the country, unions such as the National Brotherhood of Carpenters prepare their members to handle not only actual labor but also to be mindful of the challenges that come with working at multiple venues and with specific show regulations outlined in every prospectus. Whether convention centers, hotels, or unique event destinations, installation and dismantle labor requires people who possess operational as well as interpersonal skills. Nuvista’s reputation rests on its people.

Trade show and event services have many moving pieces and parts. Nuvista’s strength lies in the ability to pull them all together to create an experience for attendees that is flawless and memorable. Some–but not all–of the services Nuvista provides include:

Client Planning Meetings:

  • Review of venue and show regulations as well as installation plans and budgets
  • Resolution of space issues (for example, pillars, low ceilings, and fire codes)
  • Coordination of all partner efforts
  • Sourcing third party suppliers
  • Creating time lines
  • Allocating Nuvista resources

On-Site Services:

  • Nuvista’s premium labor for installation of properties and space utilization
  • Flooring installation
  • Review of requirements for electrical schematics
  • Optimal placement of elements such as monitors and interactive panels, seating, catering stations, and lead machines
  • Maintenance of accessible storage
  • Daily cleaning and stocking of supplies

Post-Event Services:

  • Dismantling of properties and careful packing
  • Shipment to next destination or to designated warehouse
  • Documentation of any damages to properties, particularly by third parties
  • Consolidation of invoices and reconciliation, if necessary
  • Measurement–Were the goals and objectives met?


Experience the Nuvista Difference

Professional, experienced installation and dismantle, budget development, partner sourcing, on-site supervision and invoice reconciliation, Nuvista does it all.


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Nuvista excels in providing unparalleled trade show labor and complete turnkey services for both consumer and business-to-business events. Our on-site supervision lets you focus on strategy rather than logistics.

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